Elsweyr Eleanos

A runaway rogue with thieving hands, but good intentions.


Elsweyr is a thin, short elf, a mere 5’ 6” standing tall. His straight, brown hair reaches his shoulders, held in a ponytail by a green woven band. Strangers perceive him to be shifty-eyed and distrustful, however to those close to him see his compassionate nature, though his moral compass may be slightly skewed.

Elsweyr wears a white button-up shirt with a collar, covered by a deep-green hooded cloak, which laces in the front. His is rapier sheathed at his side, and his short bow is strung across his back by the bowstring. Around his neck, under his cloak, hangs a golden amulet of Eira.


Elsweyr was born a small Elven village of Klikir Torcar just east of the Princedoms of Tyderia. While he had a sister, he was the only male heir to the chieftain. He didn’t like the lifestyle of the chieftain (his family lived with fewer comforts than the farmers), however he was excited to get to see the human world as an Elven ambassador. The chieftain of the Elven village was the one who made the trips to the human territory to trade with the humans. Furs, wood, and weapons were traded for supplies that the village needed.

When Elsweyr was 10 he began going with his father (the Chief) to the Princedoms so that he could learn Common from speaking to locals, as well as to learn human customs so he can deal with them well.

At age 13, Elsweyr got into a confrontation with a rich local, who beat and humiliated him for being an elf and for being poor. Nobody intervened in the messy situation until the Chief found him and fought off the Noble. After turning his back to help up his son, the Noble stabbed the Chief in the back. With his last breath, the Chief told Elsweyr to take his amulet of Eira home to their family. Then Elsweyr ran.

He tried to run home, but he was stopped by his fear of facing his family and his village. The responsibility of becoming the next Chief suddenly felt very heavy on his shoulders. What if they thought he murdered his own father for power? Once again Elsweyr ran.

Living off of thievery, Elsweyr did fine for many years. Profits not spent on food were deposited in beggars’ hands and church donation boxes. One day, however, he attempted to pickpocket someone who turned out to be an imperial investigator. They clashed, and Elsweyr, being hungry and not expecting resistance, was bested. The investigator was in the business of taking out a thieves guild. And so, at age 22, Elsweyr was given an ultimatum; become a double agent for the Empire, or be locked away indefinitely. This time, he couldn’t run.

Elsweyr Eleanos

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