Eryn Silvershield

A warlock with a love for historical mysteries.


One might think that Eryn Silvershield is a mere scholar, with a seemingly endless knowledge of historical anecdotes and mysteries. As with many, of course, the truth is much deeper than that.

At first glance an unassuming woman in her late twenties, her stark white hair hints at her true nature. Indeed, Eryn is an ancient being, her years numbering around two centuries by her own admission. While this could place her as one of the first humans to come to the new world, she will not admit whether or not she truly was. In fact, she prefers to keep most of her past a mystery for reasons of her own. She is a powerful warlock, able to wield magics mysterious to all but a few. In her quest to gain knowledge and root out the evils of the world, she has joined four heroes in creating an organization to stand the test of time…


Eryn reveals very little about her past. She is a citizen of the Republic, formerly of the Empire, formerly of the Princedoms, and supposedly one of the first humans to immigrate to the new world. Aside from this, her background is a mystery.

Eryn Silvershield

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