Ileain Marien

A traveling cleric with a troubled past.


Ileain looks to be a young female human, in her early twenties. Her long red hair is usually tucked behind her hood, to keep it out of her face. Her expression is usually composed and neutral, the tone of her voice soft and welcoming.

She wears simple clerical vestments, more inclined for function rather than extravagance, the clothing having been aged significantly. A necklace bearing the symbol of Eira remains visible at all times; the pendant signifying Eira’s influence on both Life and Death.


Ileain was born in the village of Hythe, in the Princedoms of Tyderia. Her family consists of her father, mother, two brothers, and a sister. Being the youngest in her family, much pressure was put on her to surpass her older siblings. She claims to say that her calling as a missionary was viewed as a disappointment in her family, however she enjoys the opportunity it gives-traveling the known world. Leaving her village behind, she embarked on missions traveling the country.

During her initial missions, she had ventured into the Orcish lands, stumbling upon a tribe of Orcs traveling to other parts of the world. After establishing contact, the Chieftain of the tribe gave Ileain’s group a basic understanding of culture, celebrating their capability of co-existing. This triumph, however, had been met with hostility, as another Orc tribe-hostile toward humans-had attacked in response. It was during this incident when Eira had given Ileain her blessing, bestowing upon her the powers of a healer.

At first, the responsibility overwhelmed Ileain, and she was unsure of what to make of it. She continued on her travels, passing over toward the Shogunate and facing hostility from the populace-outsiders facing persecution. The struggles faced had led to Ileain traveling back over toward the Empire, now working on her own as a missionary in the poorer towns and districts. She gave assistance when she could, and kept herself going to continue her travels.

Ileain Marien

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