Marsala Redestras

A half-orc huntress ousted from her clan.


Marsala an underappreciated warrior with a philosophers mind. She grew up in Eden’s Burrow inside the Empire until the untimely suicide of her father, after which she and her mother fled back to orcish lands.


Willow (13 years old) goes out to learn her passion

Returns to find the death of the tribe Mystic (15 years old)

Mystic’s final prophecy is “the half-orc heir of the strongest Orc line will bring Us to Our former glory but should they fail, the darkness will swallow Us whole”

Willow (16 years old) and Watcher (20 years old) along with the rest of the Redestras trading party come across Marshall White

Willow escorts Marshall back to Edan’s Burrow and comes into a friendship and eventually a relationship with him

Marsala is born 3 years later (Willow is 19) and things go well for 4 years

Marsala causes her father to be caught by the village

Marshall is confronted and tells his wife and daughter to run, Willow and Marsala refuse, Marshall is told to kill them to stay as a member of the village

Marshall commits suicide

Willow (23) and Marsala (4) return to the Redestras tribe to find Oak (Willow and Watcher’s father) had passed and that Watcher is the new tribe chieftain

Watcher believes (egomaniac and airhead) that Marsala is the heir in the prophecy and forces the tribe to treat her poorly.

Marsala (12) is fed up with being treated like less than the rest of the tribe and explodes at Watcher

Watcher, furiously, forces Marsala into a death match with her master, Marsala cheats and wins

Begrudgingly, Watcher gives Marsala her tattoo and allows her into the tribe as an adult

Watcher forces the tribe to be even harsher on her, which causes Marsala at 13 to go off on her own to find her passion

While spending time in the Elven ruins, Marsala finds a corpse with a bow and quiver, remembering that the Orc’s sneer at archers, she decides to thank the corpse and take their quiver.

She whittles herself a bow and spends 3 years traveling the woods and perfects her craft and does her best to craft her magic better.

Marsala sees a town in the distance and as she is traveling towards them she crashes into a cavern, in excruciating pain, she won’t get up

A female elf appears from a cave in the cavern wall “You’re time is not over, you have a duty to fulfill”

Marsala loses consciousness, wakes up in the town, unsure of why she is no longer in pain and how she got there

Remembering the elf, she asks around, no one knows how she got there or about the elf that she is talking about.

Marsala stays in the town for a few weeks when Gnolls attack, then she joins the group, still searching for the elf woman who saved her life.

Marsala Redestras

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