The Good Stuff

To view the calendar, visit the following link: Donjon Calendar Generator

Go to the save/restore tab and paste the following code: Pastebin Link!

And make sure the year is set to 46.

Cool, but what does all this mean?

The calendar is designed to be very similar to a real-life calendar, just with 30 days/month and changed names. Date format is usually as follows:

Wineday, 17 Firewane, 3A 64 (the starting date for the campaign!)

where Wineday is the day of the week, 17 is the number of the day, Firewane is the name of the month, 3A represents the third Age, and 64 is the current year.

The Ages

There are a total of three ages in the current calendar, reaching to 1,033 years ago. They are divided as following:

First Age – 1033 to 492 years ago – 541 years long – 1A 0 to 1A 541
Second Age – 491 to 65 years ago – 426 years long – 2A 0 to 2A 426
Third Age – 64 years ago to present – 64 years long – 3A 0 to 3A 64

A new age is started when some calamitous or influential event occurs that shapes history. The fall of the ancient kingdoms (think Rome, Egypt, etc.) in the Old World heralded the beginning of the First Age. The Second Age began when the current human pantheon (minus Eira) was accepted as the main religion, and the Third Age started when the nations of the New World determined that the Old World was lost.

More detailed historical information can (soon) be found here: History!


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