Klikir Torcar

Klikir Torcar: “Golden Hawk”

The elves of Klikir Torcar live simple lives, most of them go their entire lives gaining skill in a family profession. Because of this, some of the most beautiful of furniture and weapons come from the little village. So, at least once per month, the Chief goes to the Human country to trade the village wares.

The Villagers

The people of the village are exclusively elves, but there was once one human, a boy named Harold. Harold was ousted by the villagers at age 13 because he refused to work a trade. A person with no job is considered to have no place in the village, save the elderly. The village people consist mostly of raw goods gatherers, trade goods craftsman, and some guards.

When Elsweyr left, there were around 5 families. The three most prominent clans are as follows:

The Eleanos Clan: Previously Chieftains (Now Hunters)

(Distrust Slyvir Myrral) (Approve of the Lithnae clan)

  • Elsweyr: (Self, MIA)
  • Sariel: (Father, standing chief) Green eyes, long brown hair.
  • Midna: (Sister, huntress) Green eyes, medium strawberry blonde hair. One ear was bitten nearly off by a creature of the forest, it is near human length now.
  • Senia: (Mother, Previously advisor to Chief, now Elder) Blue eyes, long blonde hair kept in a braid down her back.

The Myrral Clan: Current Chieftains (Current Chief is Slyvir Myrral)

(Dislike Eleanos clan)

  • Alluin (The Previous Chief, deceased)
  • Sivir (Alluin’s wife, now an elder)
  • 4 children (Most moved to farming areas)
    • Only one male, named Slyvir, age 7 when his father died. Could not take leadership role at father’s time of death. Took the title back when Elsweyr ran away.

The Lithnae Clan: The farmers

(Like Eleanos clan)

  • The largest Clan: 20 members
  • Work the fields and tend to crops
  • The least wealthy of the clans, producing only raw goods

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Klikir Torcar

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