Iriel Amari

A former investigator turned outlaw.


At first glance an unassuming elven woman, Iriel has mastered the art of blending into a crowd, both with and without magic. Slightly shorter than average in her stature, she makes up for what she lacks in strength by using her honed reflexes and speed. If she is doing her best, however, she will never even need to unsheathe her rapier – she prefers to win fights with words over force.

Iriel stands about sixty-four inches tall, and has a slim face framed by long, dark brown hair. Her usual attire is whatever is needed to blend in, but her armor consists of a studded leather chestpiece with forearm guards and leather boots to allow for a good middle ground between protection and mobility. Her weapon of choice is a rapier, wielding magic in her off-hand.


Growing up in the slums of the Imperial City of Dracwyn, Iriel constantly lived in the shadow of the rich and successful, always regarding their palatial mansions with envy. She gained street smarts from a young age, using her agility to her advantage – she commonly served as a lookout for her friends because she could easily scale the roofs of the city. She was snatched up off of the street, forced to leave her brother behind to become an Investigator. She excelled in this role, quickly making a name for herself among the Imperial spymasters, until she was one day sent to Durnholme, blackmailed into doing the local viscount’s bidding. There, she met four local heroes who would prove to change the course of her life. With them, she founded an organization to fight the wicked and evil of the world…

Iriel Amari

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