Theodore Buchanan

An adventurous businessman with a kind heart.


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Theodore Buchanan was born in the small republic mining town of Centrail into a well off high wealth family. His father Jerry was the owner of the large copper mine employing most of the town and his mother Mariel a nurse at the local hospital. When not at school he would often accompany his father to the mine while his mother worked and would sit around the office finding ways to occupy himself, usually observing the miners and rail yard workers going about their daily routines which eventually led to his interest in industrial technology. He was blind however to the horrid treatment the workers received from his father.

At age thirteen tragedy struck as word arrived that Theodore’s grandfather, who owned a steel mill in the capitol, had vanished without a trace. Months of searching by law enforcement, citizens and even his own employees turned up nothing. Theodore’s grandfather whom he idolized, a generous man loved by all, had simply vanished. Ownership of the mill transferred from father to son and soon Theodore’s father began running the mill very differently. The business originally owned by a generous philanthropist was now in the hands of a business tyrant. Workers wages were severely cut, working hours were extended, benefits cut, and worker safety were no longer a concern.

At age sixteen tragedy struck the Buchanan’s once more as word arrived that Theodore’s mother, whom had been working at a hospital in the capitol since moving, had mentally snapped. According to police reports during her rounds at the hospital she had stabbed each of the patients in her care in the throat with a syringe multiple times and was found rocking back and forth in a pool of blood, murmuring an unknown phrase over and over again in a mysterious language. Police reports and medical evaluations had stated it as a sudden onset of severe psychosis and was soon transferred to the Pentalle Insane Asylum, a place known for holding the most severe of mental patients. Theodore however knew this couldn’t be the case. He had known his mother his whole life. She had always been gentle, caring and certainly never even close to even being slightly mentally unstable. For months he conducted his own personal “investigation”. Questioning hospital staff and even a few willing detectives however in the end he came up empty. Feeling defeated,and with no other leads Theodore gave up.

Continuing his education Theodore graduated from school the top of his class. He then went on and applied at a prestigious university and at age twenty, graduated with a degree in Industrial Design and Processes. Shortly thereafter his father reached out to him with a job offer. Behind the fancy title of the position he knew what his father really wanted. Workers at the mill had been striking for weeks and his aging father wanted an enforcer of sorts to “put them back in their place”. Disgusted at the offer, Theodore cut ties with his father and decided to leave the city to join the Protectors of Kanamir. A large group of farmers, city gangsters, ex law enforcement and the like banded together on horseback to protect the Republic from outside threats. For two years Theodore was apart of this dedicated group, raiding bandit camps, driving off scouts from other nations and even assisting in the founding of new towns and went above and beyond the call of duty, helping any and all he could. It was here he encountered and befriended a small group of Dwarvish scouts from the old Dwarven kingdoms, curious about the new machine powered world Humans had created.

One night after the protectors made camp in one of the largest of the old Elvish ruins and all had gone to sleep, Theodore awoke cold to a strange voice, seemingly calling him. Cautiously, he crawled out of his tent, revolver at the ready. Silently making his way deeper into the ruins. He first saw the faint gold-white glow and as it became clearer, the outline of a female figure. When he finally approached the figure, it was revealed to be a seemingly ghostly apparition of an extravagant elven woman, wearing elegantly crafted mythril plate armor and holding an equally elegant and exotic mythril sword, who seemingly beckoning him to follow, and reluctantly at first, he did. For what seemed like hours they made their way deeper and deeper into the elven city until finally arriving at a seemingly elegant marble wall ornate with gold. There, the apparition turned, knelt on one knee, bowed her head and seemingly offered her battlements to him. After a moment of hesitation, he stepped forward and reached out, only to be blinded by a sudden flash of light. When he regained his vision he was no longer standing in Elvish ruins, he was standing in the middle of an Elven city. A city made of elegant stonework, orated with marble, silver and gold. This city was more than something old, it was ancient, perhaps even older than the old world. Before he could truly take it all in, there was another flash of light, and before regaining his sight the same voice that called him had said “Prove yourself as selfless and righteous as those of old, and the key will be revealed. We will be watching.” Still dark out, Theodore awoke in a daze. His revolver and boots which he had put on before seeking out the voice were not with him. Instead he was in his sleepwear and socks in the middle of the ruins, and not laying in front of a marble like which he had thought, but instead of a large marble door with strange wheels with symbols on them. For hours he tried to figure out how to open the door, the wheels rotated, that’s was certain. But he was missing something crucial, he was missing the key to deciphering the symbols.

After two years of being with the Protectors Theodore had got word that his father had dies, apparently due to an “accident” in the mill, and that in his will he was the sole inheritor of the company. Upon returning to the Republic to claim his new position as CEO, he quickly realized how bad of state the mill was in. Most of the furnaces were not in use, the company was in the red and the workers were not happy to have another Buchanan in charge. However as the months past he turned the mill around, following in his grandfathers footsteps he put workers before profit, greatly improved their pay, benefits and working condition and began finding markets for steel. Over the next year the mill went from producing steel girders in conventional furnaces to developing the hot-blasting technique and pressure smelting technique and producing steel girders, bars, plates and everything in between and by the end of the year had expanded it’s market and capacity by almost five-fold. Theodore then began buying out iron and coal mines as well as other smaller mills, finally ending with the recent construction of the metal stamping division. A place were steel plates are turned into specialized parts for machinery, weaponry and the like. He had begun the construction of a steel empire.

Theodore Buchanan

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