This is a basic, big-ticket-item overview of the world’s history; I’ve kept it mostly to things pertaining to modern times. If you add to this list, please make a note below the timeline so I can review the changes and make sure everything’s good to go!

3A 064 - Current year
3A 001 - Contact with Old World lost (64 years ago)
2A 426 - End of Second Era
2A 402 - Slavery “abolished” in Shogunate, replaced with indentured servitude
2A 383 - Slavery abolished in all nations but Shogunate
2A 368 - Republic of Kanimar secedes from Empire of Dracwyn
2A 358 - Canonical date of Eira’s ascension; sacrificed by her disciples to become divine
2A 308 - Canonical birthdate of Eira
2A 270 - Orcs lose war; forced back to tribalism
2A 266 - Empire declares war on Orcs; aims to push them back to northern deserts
2A 260 - Dwarves withdraw into mountain kingdoms
2A 252 - Slavery established in Princedoms
2A 250 - Elven Revisionist faction collapses
2A 237 - Arcasian Shogunate founded
2A 235 - Slavery established in Empire
2A 232 - Elven Traditionalist faction collapses; Civil War ends
2A 222 - Tyderian Concordat – Princedoms of Tyderia assume modern form
2A 218 - Elven Civil War breaks out
2A 208 - Empire of Dracwyn founded – first human nation in the New World
2A 166 - First humans arrive in the New World
2A 153 - Elven Revisionist faction founded
2A 004 - Orcs start dwelling in cities; Centris founded
2A 001 - End of the Great Holy War, current pantheon (minus Eira) gradually instituted (491 years ago)
1A 541 - End of First Era
1A 001 - Last ancient kingdom falls; start of modern calendar (1033 years ago)


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